Friday, November 9, 2012

I Have A Job! (Basically)

I have had an interview at a major animal hospital in the area.

The position is an evening receptionist which is what I have been looking for. In September, I was told they only had a kennel position open and nothing front desk. Low and behold! I continued to watch online and it opened!

The interview went really well with the hospital administrator (even though he did not remember speaking with me about the kennel opening before).

Monday, November 12 I have a working interview. I've learned that with working interviews the position is yours you just have to prove that what you say in the interview is true.

This is what I love and I'm confident that it will go just fine. Now that I will be working, we can look at getting a second car!!!! I'm excited.

I've always loved cars even if they aren't sparkly and new. This car that we would get will not be new and only temporary until we need a larger car for children.

So yes! This weekend I am studying the field and refreshing myself so that I may be able to perform on Monday!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gone Too Soon

What a day...

Started out with a phone call from my mother, her sobbing on the other end.
I thought my dad had become ill again, but little did I know it was our Boxer, Tyson.

Over the past two weeks my mom mentioned how Tyson was losing a lot of weight, not eating and seemed to be very weak.  I had a bad feeling about it ever since.

He was a beast by appearance but the kindest, most gentle teddy on the inside.  Never did he lose weight without being sick.

I left home on April 19, leaving behind pets that I took care of while I lived with my parents.  I left behind my cat, Leo, who I have to find a home for within a week of my return home and brother's dog.

My brother bought Tyson while I was petsitting one of Tyson's siblings.  He fell in love with his appearance but did not think of how much work it would be to keep such a large dog.  I also fell in love. 

As I finished my last years of college, I always made sure that the pets were taken care of, my brother seemed to not care about his dog anymore.  I moved in with my parents for a year after graduating and made sure that all the pets were loved.  I got married on March 16, 2012 and moved to Texas. 

My husband and I wanted so bad to rescue Tyson and to bring him to our first duty station with us.  We leave here next week headed back home....had plans to get him vaccinated and checked for heartworms.

This summer has been very hot.  Mosquitoes, fleas and ticks everywhere.  Tyson had not been vaccinated in over two years and lived outside.  Very dangerous for him, I was eager to get back to get him taken care of and take him away with us to live a very active life, something he was missing at home since my father has been ill.

All of these circumstances were very unfortunate and has taken a toll in many ways than one.  I am thankful that God allowed Tyson to grace us with his presence for such a short amount of time (less than 5 years old) and show us how much of a true companion animals can be.

RIP Tyson, Gone Too Soon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We are almost ready to leave Texas and enjoy a much needed vacation.  Even though this isn't a traditional vacation, we are thankful to be able to have a break inbetween duty stations.

Flying home to family then roadtriping to our new home in Nevada is going to be tons of fun, even if hubby gets on my nerves 95% of the time :-)

Having our babies (the dogs) with us on the way back is going to be quite an adventure.  Our 3lb chihuahua will be the little princess that she is and ride with no problem, but our 50 lb boxer I'm not too sure about.  He hasn't even been in a car and is now about to be in one for 3 days...hmmmm. 

Not much else has been happening lately, just getting the apartment ready for us to move out and packing things that we don't want TMO to store.

Til next time (hopefully much sooner than the previous in-betweens)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Early Bday Present!!!!

OOOOHHHH MY GOSH!  I got my laptop, finally!

I have been wanting so bad to take more pictures, blog and vlog more often, and enjoy having a much larger screen that my ipad to work on!

I finally have it.  I'm so excited for this because I can now spend more time editing videos, making them more interesting and having more space to save videos!

My b-day is August the only other present I need is a sticky BFP!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

TTC UPDATE - Vlogging?

Hey my beautiful invisible readers!! This week was very interesting. My cycle did not come on the day that it was supposed to...I was hoping that it actually wouldn't since on Tuesday the 17th I got my first BFP!!!! It was faint but it was there! I was home alone when I decided to just test to quench my POAS addiction. I put the test down thinking it was just another negative test then slowly but surely a vertical line appeared! I didn't trust that test and I didn't have any first responses so what did I do???? Hopped in the car, ran to walmart and got some. Got home to sit and wait til I had to go to the bathroom again. When I did, a faint line appeared on that test! I was so excited. I had waited since father's day to be able to give my hubby a dad-to-be card that had been burning a whole in my desk. Initially my thoughts were telling me to wait until my lines were darker to tell him but I couldn't hold it. We got home from picking him up and I gave him the card to open. He was so excited too! However, the happiness was short lived. Yesterday I started bleeding and cramping and even though the bleeding was not period-like at first, I was sure it was my period becuase it was quite heavier than spotting. I went to the clinic on base today to have a simple blood test and it came back negative. I was distraught! How could I have gotten those promising First Responses and a negative blood test. I didn't believe it and still can't believe it. Came home, took another test about an hour after getting home with the news to only see that the line was getting darker!!!!! I couldn't believe it, how is this possible if I had a chemical pregnancy? Sunday I will take another test to see if the lines are getting darker. If not, I will then believe in that blood test, if so I will wait for the end of the week to get a referral for a BETA. UPDATE COMING SUNDAY! ******VLOGGING????***** I've started a new venture to occupy time and also try something new. Watching personal vlogs and vlogs of TTCers is a personal hobby of mine...I can go without cable as long as I have YouTube and my ipad :-) If you are interested in checking out the vlog, check it out here!

Youtube - mrstcannon88
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We Went To Church!

After being here in Texas since April 22, we finally went to church. A facebook friend of mine recommended her church about a month ago and we honestly have been too lazy on Sunday's to get out of bed and go. This morning, I was in a mood and really didn't want to get ready but I pushed forward because I knew we needed it. We got to the church settled in the middle of town. San Angelo, Texas is predominantly hispanic and white. There are not many African Americans or other ethnicities present. Whenever you do meet someone that is of minority, you can be pretty sure that they are military or military affiliated. This church is predominantly black and filled with worshipers that really enjoy praising God and his Holy name. They welcome any denomination because they are a interdenominational church. It's called the Christian House of Prayer and they are actually bigger than the small one we went to today. Their headquarters are based in another part of Texas. We felt very welcomed as we took our seats and listened to the ending of their 9AM Sunday School. They opened worship service with a praise team and worship. From that moment, we realized that they are on fire for God and love to worship. The message that the pastor spoke on today was making sure that when you "know" someone, you don't just know them by their flesh. "Flesh is a mess", he says. There are three layers of a person and with flesh being the first, it's only purpose is to protect the inner two. The 2nd layer is your soul, mind...what gives you reasoning. With your mind you are able to let a person know what you think, feel and recognize as important in you life. Even with just these two layers being discovered, one can still not "know" a man. To really "know" someone, you have to know their spiritual being. A person's spirit is the heart of them, their inner self that is able to show others the real being beyond the flesh. Pastor spoke about how the flesh can be equivalent to a seed from a plant. As a seed, that seed has an outer shell that when surrounded by soil, breaks apart. THE FLESH OF THE SEED IS BROKEN. Broken so that it may be fruitfal and multiply. When a person is in a situation and as, "Why?". The answer is, you are a seed. You must be broken so that your inner being can be released and you may truly understand why you have gone through whatever the situation is. I'm not going to talk about the entire sermon but it was a really great sermon and I thank my friend for inviting us there. we went down for alter call. As my husband and I stood beside one another, we held hands with our free hand and lifted them together as we were bringing our marriage to the alter. We are already strong but you can never be strong enough. Prayer is important to us and we glady accept any prayer that helps us to be bonded and rooted in Christ. ****************************************** Hubby is away on base doing Sunday duties, I better get in the kitchen and figure out what we are having for dinner. I'm going to add some pictures to the blog tomorrow so look out for those, if you are what I call and invisible reader of my blog please follow and comment. I look forward to growing with my blogs and helping others along the way. Be Blessed!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Many people hate Friday the 13th....personally I have never had a problem with this day. Its the same as any other day. Today I will make it a productive day by sending home pics of hubby and our adventures (wish I had a laptop here at home to do this) going to the library will do. I've got some research to do also. Since we are a military couple, I've got a lot of questions about birthing at the base we are going to be stationed at. I am really interested in water births and strongly believe that I can do it in hopes to have an all natural birth. Maybe I can do this research in place of watching TTC videos that give me hope of an early BFP. Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Make it a productive one!