Friday, November 9, 2012

I Have A Job! (Basically)

I have had an interview at a major animal hospital in the area.

The position is an evening receptionist which is what I have been looking for. In September, I was told they only had a kennel position open and nothing front desk. Low and behold! I continued to watch online and it opened!

The interview went really well with the hospital administrator (even though he did not remember speaking with me about the kennel opening before).

Monday, November 12 I have a working interview. I've learned that with working interviews the position is yours you just have to prove that what you say in the interview is true.

This is what I love and I'm confident that it will go just fine. Now that I will be working, we can look at getting a second car!!!! I'm excited.

I've always loved cars even if they aren't sparkly and new. This car that we would get will not be new and only temporary until we need a larger car for children.

So yes! This weekend I am studying the field and refreshing myself so that I may be able to perform on Monday!!

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